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Wild Botanic
Web E-commerce 



Web Graphic

Responsive Design 

Project Duration 

6 Weeks




Wild Botanic is a flower shop located in central Christchurch, they offer a wide range of trending houseplants, specialising in plants and styling with indoor plants to help you create that lush urban oasis in your home or office space. Select from a great range of top-quality pots and designer giftware.


One of my clients, a flower shop owner, approached me with their outdated website and want a new look for their online e-commerce business.


I pointed out that the old website lacked proper navigation and essential information. The existing shop menu/category was undefined, making it difficult for customers to find specific products. The client was looking to enhance their online presence, improve user experience, and boost their e-commerce sales.


Our goal was to redesign the client's website on the Shopify platform and upgrade it to Shopify 2.0. The primary objectives were to streamline the overall layout, provide better navigation, improve product categories, enhance the date picker function, and add new pages for Events and Weddings. We aimed to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that would drive more traffic, increase conversion rates, and ultimately boost sales for the client.

Before - Home Page 



To address the client's challenges and goals, I took the following steps:

Initial Approach: I conducted thorough research to gain insights into the flower shop industry, target audience preferences, and current trends in e-commerce web design. This helped identify areas for improvement and find inspiration for our design solutions.

Information Architecture: I restructured the shop menu and product categories, and removed overlapped tags to make them more intuitive and organized. This involved categorizing products based on occasions, types of flowers, prices and arrangements to simplify the browsing and selection process for customers.

Shopify 2.0 Integration: I upgraded the client's website to Shopify 2.0, leveraging its advanced features and customization options. This optimized the website's performance, security, and overall functionality.

UI/UX: My design approach included a fresh and modern visual style that aligned with the client's brand identity. By incorporating captivating imagery of flowers, added new pink vibrant colours, and clean typography to create an aesthetically pleasing and engaging website. I focused on creating a seamless and enjoyable user experience by improving the website's overall layout and navigation. I implemented a clear and consistent navigation menu, making it easier for visitors to find relevant information and products. ​

New Interface Design - Home Page
Wild Botanic Navigation menu before

Navigation menu - Before

Wild Botanic product filters before

Product filters - Before

Wild Botanic Navigation menu after

Navigation menu - After

Wild Botanic product filters after

Product filters - After

Wild Botanic date picker

Date Picker

Additionally, I replaced the old date picker in the order chart, and added a more functional new date picker in every product section which makes it more customisable for my clients that able to select available business dates for delivery. This enhanced the date picker function for a more user-friendly and efficient ordering process.

New Pages

To expand the client's business opportunities,  I added dedicated pages for Events and Weddings. These pages showcased the client's expertise in floral arrangements for special occasions, attracting a broader customer base and increasing potential sales

Wild Botanic wedding page



Wild Botanic events page


The results of the website redesign and improvements were highly successful:


Sales Increase 

Within a month of launching the new website, the client experienced a remarkable 44% increase in total sales. The improved layout, navigation, and product categorization contributed to a more streamlined purchasing journey for customers.


Conversion Rate Boost

The conversion rate witnessed a significant 60% increase, indicating that the redesigned website effectively persuaded visitors to make purchases. The enhanced user experience and intuitive design elements played a crucial role in driving conversions.


Traffic Session Growth

The new website attracted 16% more traffic sessions, showcasing the positive impact of our design enhancements on the client's online visibility and reach. The improved navigation and information architecture made it easier for users to discover and explore the website's offerings.

The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the project. The redesigned website not only provided a more seamless shopping experience for customers but also effectively showcased the client's floral expertise for events and weddings. Overall, my design solutions successfully met the client's goals, resulting in increased sales, improved conversion rates, and enhanced user engagement.

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