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"Save one, Save other"​​


Lawrence Zhou

Project Duration 

3 months

July 2020 - November 2020


Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Fusion 360


Final Cut Pro x


Due to the 2020 COVID- 19 global pandemic, frontline healthcare worker has a high risk of becoming infected with deadly viruses. Infectious medical waste has also significantly increased. It has a huge impact on both the medical emergency system and the environment.

such as PPE that, are categorized as infectious, hazardous waste; this means it’s a disposable product meaning it can not be recyclable or resue. This can potentially have a huge impact on the environment.

Covid-19  outbreak
COVID-19 outbreak

Project brief

This project aims to provide a sustainable, cost-efficiency emergency medical care system for the hospital, minimise cross-infection for the health worker when transporting a patient with an infectious disease, and provide a high-quality improvement on transforming the delivery of care to the patient.


A number of the idea drawn up, from brainstorming beginning of the design stage build-up serval shape and functionality. The inspiration for the Tent isolation chamber's shape was originally from the camping tent. 

The overall shape of the design has been redefined from rectangular to half-circular. The idea of this is to improve the folding techniques, allowing it to add multiple functions such as a pressure system, monitoring system, HEPA filtration, and gloves access portal on the chamber.

Tent isolation concpets
Tent isolation concpets

Final Design

TENT is a collapsible isolation chamber with a high transparency outer shell that provides negative and positive pressure to keep paramedics and patients safe during transportation from infectious diseases.

Tent isolation concpets

Pressure System

The TENT isolation chamber provides both negative and positive pressurized system, and keep a safe, controlled environment when transporting highly infected patients, and minimize cross-infection disease to keep both paramedic and patient safety 

Negative Pressure system:

Keeping the Negative pressure value between -10 to -15Pa - 24 air changes/hours prevents infectious particles from escaping the chamber.

Positive pressure system:

By Filtered all particles before flow into the chamber.  Keeping Positive pressure value between +10 to +15Pa - 24 air changes/hours to protect immunocompromised patients from the outside surrounding. 

Tent isolation concpets
Tent isolation Storyboard

How it work?

Tent isolation dimension


Tent isolation concpets

Final Prototype 

Tent - Meidical Isolation Chamber

Tent - Meidical Isolation Chamber

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