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Play 'n' Learn AU
Responsive Web design



Web Graphic

Responsive Design 


Project Duration 

8 Weeks


Editor X


Play'n' Learn designs and manufactures learning resources, furniture and equipment, for early childhood services, a New Zealand family-owned company that has been committed to manufacturing NZ-made furniture and sourcing high-quality educational resources for early childhood services and primary schools for over two decades.


One of my clients, Play'N' Learn designs and manufactures learning resources for early childhood services, and sought to expand its business into the Australian market. They required a new website specifically tailored to the Australian audience.


The primary challenge was to improve and rebuild a website on their given template, improve its layout, and make it responsive across all devices. My task was not only to ensure the website's responsiveness on mobile, tablet, and laptop devices but also would seamlessly adapt to various devices and screen sizes, ensuring an optimal user experience for all visitors.


Our goal was to design and develop a visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive website for Play'N' Learn's entry into the Australian market. The key objectives were to improve the overall layout, streamline the navigation, enhance the website's aesthetics to match the company logo, introduce interactive elements and animations, add a new blog page, and optimize the website's SEO to increase traffic. Additionally, we aimed to establish a long-term partnership with the client, continuing to enhance the website and showcase their business through ongoing updates and improvements.

Playnlearn NZ

Home Pgae


To address the client's challenges and goals, I undertook the following steps:

Research and Planning: I conducted extensive research to understand the early education industry trends, company background, branding and the target audience's preferences. This research guided my design decisions and ensured that the website would resonate with the site user.

Layout and User Experience: I streamlined the overall layout of the website, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. I organized the content in a logical manner, improving the navigation flow and enhancing the user experience. The new layout enabled visitors to easily browse and access Play'N' Learn's projects.

Visual Design and Branding: I revamped the color scheme, typography, and overall visual elements to match Play'N' Learn's brand identity. The updated design created a cohesive and visually appealing experience for website visitors, reinforcing the company's image and professionalism.

Playnlearn AU Site, Home page
Playnlearn AU Site

Responsive Design: I focused on creating a responsive website that seamlessly adapted to different screen sizes and devices. Using EditorX, I employed a combination of flexible grids, media queries, and fluid design techniques to ensure an optimal user experience across all devices.

Interactive Elements: To engage users and create an immersive experience, I introduced interactive elements and animations throughout the website. These interactive elements not only made the website more visually appealing but also increased user engagement and showcased Play'N' Learn's projects effectively.

Playnlearn AU Site
Playnlearn AU Site

Blog Integration and SEO Optimization: I added a new blog page to the website, providing a platform for Play'N' Learn to share valuable content and industry insights. Additionally, I optimized the website's pages for search engines, incorporating keywords, meta tags, optimized headings, and image alt tags to improve its visibility and increase organic traffic.

Playnlearn AU Site


The results of the website redesign and improvements were successful launch to the Australian market.

Successful Website Launch

The new website effectively launched Play'N' Learn into the Australian market, catering to the target audience's preferences and needs. The website provided a strong foundation for the company's expansion and growth.

Enhanced User Experience and Engagement

he responsive design and improved layout ensured a seamless user experience across various devices and screen sizes. The website's intuitive navigation, interactive elements, and animations significantly increased user engagement, leading to longer session durations and reduced bounce rates.

Increased Website Traffic

Our implementation of SEO best practices led to a noticeable increase in website traffic. Play'N' Learn's website became more visible in search engine results, attracting relevant organic traffic and potential customers.

Ongoing Collaboration

The client was highly satisfied with the final result and the successful launch of the website in the Australian market. As a result, we established an ongoing collaboration to continue improving the website and adding more content to showcase Play'N' Learn's business.

As a freelance web designer, I take pride in contributing to the success of Play'N' Learn's website redesign and market expansion. The project showcased my ability to tackle challenges, create visually appealing designs, and provide an excellent user experience.

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