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Piper Glider - LawrenceDesign
Piper Glider - LawrenceDesign

Project Brief 

This waste material-centred design project utilizes the abundant amount of corrugated plastic waste that has and countries built up in New Zealand and transforms it into a renewable, reusable, resourceful product. 

The Piper Glider is the revolutionary idea that transforms the waste material yellow layer board(corrugated plastic) into an innovative new product and how it can benefit you!

Piper Glider - LawrenceDesign

Piper Glider

"How you can HELP us, HELP you"


Lawrence Zhou

Alex Cameron

Cameron Bartley

Project duration 

3 months

March 2020 - June 2020


Adobe Photoshop

Fusion 360




Market analysts 

Concept Development(CAD)

CAD Rendering



As corrugated plastic is made up of polypropylene, it is temperature resistant and tough due to its elasticity. These positive qualities are useful for harsh environments, such as being exposed to varying weather conditions for long periods. The elasticity of polypropylene also means it can withstand significant stress and not break, and when deformed, it tends to return to its original shape. These useful qualities heavily influence the design possibilities that are possible with polypropylene.

Recycling Design

Enhances its rigidity in a single direction

 lightweight, high density polypropylene, built to last

100% recyclable under Resin code 5





Our idea has been thoroughly explored and developed so that we could find the best solution possible. We began with our initial concept to recreate the corrugated plastic as the Piper J-3 Cub aircraft model. The design was made up of nine pieces that would be slotted together to create the piper cub aircraft.

However, several issues arose due to the limitations of the layer board being inflexible, which led to a less round shaping and large gaps between pieces that would have been curved slopes.

We developed the design further to improve the issues of the bulkiness of the design and allow for more curved shapes as the fuselage would be thinned down to make the design more aerodynamic.

Piper Glider - LawrenceDesign
Piper Glider - LawrenceDesign

Final Design 

Piper Glider - LawrenceDesign
Piper Glider - LawrenceDesign

With our design developments, market considerations, and manufacturing knowledge, we arrived at our finished product, the piper glider. With a wing span of 0.5m, the piper glider is at a 1:22 scale to its inspiration, the piper J-3 cub. 

We decreased the number of parts which would make the design construction more superficial and more easily mass-produced, which would offset the increase in cost.

The final design remains influenced by the Piper J-3 Cub however it has been streamlined for improved flying ability as the fuselage has been developed into a single piece.

How it work

Once the manufacturing process is complete, the product is ready to be shipped out to the sellers, which can be easily done in large batches due to the extremely lightweight corrugated plastic.


The packaging sheets are designed in 520x 250mm. After the customer has purchased the product, they can pop out each model piece and assemble it by clipping the pieces together, allowing it to be thrown and glide.

Piper Glider - LawrenceDesign
Piper Glider - LawrenceDesign
Piper Glider - LawrenceDesign
Piper Glider - LawrenceDesign
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