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Alix Skincare
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Web Graphic

Responsive Web

Project Duration 

4 Weeks




Alix Skincare is a beauty business located at Selwyn Arcade in Paihia, New Zealand. They sell a range of body care products that naturally revitalise skin and hair, and have been creating natural personal care products that respect you and the planet since 2013.

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Alix Skincare




Alixskincare, a respected brand in the natural skincare industry, approached with a unique challenge. Their existing Shopify website, built on a default template, did not align with their branding, lacked functionality, and fell short of representing their commitment to sustainability.


The primary challenge was to redesign the interface to convey the essence of their brand - "Simply, Gently, Naturally" - while maintaining a clean, minimal, and almost industrial aesthetic. Moreover, updating all product images to reflect a more distinctive and unique look was crucial.


My objective was to completely transform Alixskincare's Shopify website into a cohesive, nature-inspired platform that radiated sustainability and professionalism. The goals included enhancing the layout's cleanliness, incorporating a natural and sustainable style, redesigning the interface to align with the brand ethos, creating an intuitive user experience, and ultimately boosting sales and conversion rates.


In response to Alixskincare's challenges and goals, I undertook the following approach:

Visual Redesign: I revamped the visual elements, embracing a nature-inspired colour palette that harmonized with the brand's mission. All product images were updated to create a unique and coherent visual language, enhancing the website's aesthetic appeal and brand consistency.

Homepage Refinement: The homepage was redesigned to feature a clean and professional nature-inspired look. Strategic block sections were introduced to showcase Alixskincare's products and services, enhancing user engagement and guiding visitors seamlessly through the website.

Home Page 


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In Menu Promotion: Intuitive User Experience: The homepage underwent a transformation to convey the brand's essence, through earthy tones and minimalistic design. We added sections to display products and services clearly. The navigation menu was redesigned into an in-menu promotion mega menu, making it easier for users to find different body care categories.

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Step One : add product to cart

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Step Two : Go checkout

Enhanced Shopping Experience

The slide-out cart from the left replaced the pop-out, creating a smoother shopping experience. A "Recommended Products" section was added to the cart, enticing customers with the latest offerings. The addition of notes and estimated shipping information ensured a seamless transition from shopping to checkout.


Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 17.15.13.png
Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 17.14.45.png
Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 17.21.35.png

Step One : add product to cart

Step Two : Go to checkout, check estimate shipping time below.


The outcomes of our website redesign and enhancements were remarkable:

Elevated Brand Identity

The redesigned website perfectly encapsulated Alixskincare's brand identity - "Simply, Gently, Naturally." The nature-inspired aesthetic and sustainable vibe aligned perfectly with their ethos

Improved User Experience

The intuitive navigation, clean layout, and user-centric features led to an enhanced user experience. Visitors could easily explore products, navigate through categories, and make purchases seamlessly.

Increased Sales and Conversion:

The website redesign led to a significant increase in sales and conversion rates. The user-friendly interface, coupled with the updated imagery, contributed to higher engagement and improved customer confidence in making purchases.

I am proud to have contributed to Alixskincare's success through this comprehensive web redesign project. The challenge of merging minimal, industrial elements with a nature-inspired aesthetic was met successfully. This project demonstrated my ability to transform brand values into a captivating online experience, resulting in increased user engagement and business growth. I look forward to further collaborating with Alixskincare to maintain their upward trajectory in the skincare market.

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