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Mental Skill NZ
Web E-commerce 


Graphic Design

Web Graphic

Project Duration 

5 Weeks


Adobe Photoshop 


Final Cut Pro X 

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint


Mental Skills NZ is a leading provider of mental skills training for coaches, leaders and individuals who are looking to help create more meaningful and sustainable shifts in performance and life.


This is a one-off project to relaunch the business which was founded back in 2019.  This includes creating a professional presentation slide, booklet, video and website to showcase the new business and product. The business is selling several digital products on Shopify, such as digital books or in-personal Training Programmes. The main goal of the business is to showcase its training programs which the conference will host later on April 2023.

The initial part of the project is to create and design a professional presentation slide and booklet based on a rough draft copy in Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. As part of the project also need to update the current e-commerce website on Shopify which was created in 2019 and redesign it into a user-friendly and highly interactive Website interface.

Before - Home Page

8xwhvwhz0qftusy1-46769242277.shopifypreview.com_ (1).png

To redesign the interface as user-friendly as possible, I focused on using the high-contrast colours green, black and white which matched the company logo, and replaced with smaller text font,  These improved the overall consistency of the theme colour making it easy for users to read. 

The goal of the business aims to showcase training programs and other digital products through the website.  I also added few call-to-action buttons and an announcement bar on Home Page that redirects to the training program page, these make the main actionable targets easy to reach and guide the users towards business goal conversion - to Join the training program. 

The Logo

Mental Skills NZ Logo

Result - Home Page

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