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Climate Challenge
Conference 101 Doc


Christchurch Climate Challenge Committee

Project Duration 

2 Weeks


Graphic Design


Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator


 The Climate Challenge is nonpartisan, recognising that climate progress needs the support of all political parties, not just a few. The Climate Challenge is run by a group of young leaders from across the country who are passionate about empowering our peers to take action on climate change. We help young people connect with political leaders from across parliament to both make their own informed political opinions and be heard by New Zealand’s leaders.


To create a 101 document to describing the Christchurch Climate Challenge conference and its goals which we can send to speakers, workshop runners and other relevant stakeholders to make sure the conference runs cohesively and everyone knows exactly what we’re aiming for.


I was the designer in part of the organisation and my role was to design an effective graphic version of document 101 in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator for the climate challenge conference speaker.

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